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    Anonymous;Code Releases for PS4 and Switch in Fall 2021 in Japan; PS Vita Version Canceled

    Today, during the MAGE livestream, the company announced that the science visual novel game Anonymous;Code will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in fall 2021 in Japan. The PS Vita version of the game was canceled.

    Anonymous;Code is developed by Chiyomaru Studio and Mages, and is written by Chiyomaru Shikura. It is the first stand-alone work developed by Chiyomaru Studio, and is part of a franchise referred to internally as Science Visual Novel, which also includes Occultic;Nine and is separate from the developers' Science Adventure series.

    Anonymous;Code takes place in the year 2036, the "2036 Problem" occurs, where an incident involving computers leads to the destruction of major cities around the world. A similar event is expected to take place in 2038, so a supercomputer called Gaia is used to create an alternate Earth using an Earth Simulator in order to study the possible effects of the impending catastrophe. The experiment was initially inconclusive because of the possibility of low birth rates in the alternate Earth, so a message called the Arecibo Message was used to allow humans to live there. However, humanity in the alternate Earth then creates their own Earth Simulator which leads to questions about the original Earth's existence. The game takes place in 2037. The protagonist, a hacker named Pollon Takaoka, has an ability which allows him to save and load moments, much like save features in video games.

    Check out a new trailer below:

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