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    ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos VR Game Releases February 19 for PC and April 15 for PSVR

    Developer MyDearest has announced that ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos, the sequel to the virtual reality visual novel Tokyo Chronos, will release for PC via Steam on February 19, and for PSVR on April 15 worldwide. The game is currently available for Oculus Quest and Rift

    ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos picks up 300 years after the events of Tokyo Chronos, the award-winning VR adventure game. Devastated by deadly creatures known as Meteora, humanity seeks refuge in the underground bunkers of a post-apocalyptic Shibuya, Japan. Earth’s last hope lies within Chloe, a genetically enhanced soldier who seeks to deliver humanity from their end, while out for vengeance against the monstrosities that took her only friend. 

    Discover the secrets behind what caused this reign of terror and fight for Chloe’s fallen friend from the cockpit of giant mechs. Dive into a world where Chloe goes head-to-head with hellish behemoths for intense mecha battles in a showdown among giants. As combat rages, ATLDEUS’ brilliant cyber diva, Noa, aids Chloe on the battlefield through song and instruction.

    As a symbol of hope for the new world, Noa charms and performs for fans in vibrant live concert sequences. Shrouded in mystery, the beloved diva looks painfully familiar to Chloe’s lost friend, a fact the genetically enhanced soldier cannot shake. Untangle this web of winding secrets through adventure segments, where Chloe can choose multiple paths to reach surprise endings.

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