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    Roguelike RPG Baroque: Original Version is Coming to Switch in Japan on November 12

    Japanese developer Sting has announced that the classic roguelike RPG Baroque: Original Version is coming to Switch via the Japanese eShop on November 12, 2020, for 2,400 Yen (You can pre-order it with a 15% discount right now). 

    The title is a port of the original Sega Saturn version released in Japan in 1998. This version will feature two opening movies of Baroque~Kind of Delusion~ Black in truth and Baroque for Wii!, a screen setting function where you can customize the screen size, wallpaper, scan lines, etc, and a manual save function where you can save the game at any time.

    Baroque is set in a post-apocalyptic world where an experiment led by a being called Archangel to understand the Absolute God caused devastating climate change, with surviving humans becoming physically twisted by manifestations of guilt. The protagonist is guided by Archangel through the Neuro Tower to find the Absolute God and fix the world.

    Check out a new trailer below:

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