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    Pac-Man: Mega Tunnel Battle Coming to Stadia on October 27

    Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that a Pac-Man battle royal game called Pac-Man: Mega Tunnel Battle is coming to Google Stadia on November 17, 2020 for $19.99. A free playable demo is available now until Tuesday, October 27.

    Here is an overview of the game:

    Jump into64-player games and show everyone who’s the leader of the Pac! Invade other players’ mazes, eat their dots and power-ups—even other players!—and dominate the mazes! But watch out: viewers can vote on power-ups that can cause you—or your opponents!—to stumble on the field and be eliminated from battle! Invade, defend, and rack up high scores across a field of 64 interconnected mazes. Take advantage of brand-new power-ups, spy on neighboring boards, and much more! Spectator interactivity means even viewers are part of all the thrilling action! And customize your Pac-Man and your home maze with fun skins to show off unique looks! 

    Check out the announcement trailer below:

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