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    Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version Coming to Switch and PC

    During the Tokyo Game Show 2020 live stream, Koei Tecmo has announced that Uncharted Waters IV with Power-Up Kit HD Version is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. No release date announced.

    Uncharted Waters is a historical simulation series themed around the Age of Discovery first released by Koei Tecmo in 1990. In the games, the player takes up the role of a captain and manages a seagoing fleet to participate in trades, privateering, treasure hunting, exploration, and plain piracy. Even though the series is largely open-ended, there is still a loose plot that requires the player to follow certain paths, and deviating from these paths may stall the progress of the story.

    Uncharted Waters IV: Porto Estado is the fourth game in the series released for both PlayStation and PC in 1999. Uncharted Waters IV: Porto Estado Power-Up Kit released for PC in 2000, and a remake of Porto Estado titled Uncharted Waters IV: Rota Nova was released for PSP and Nintendo DS in 2006.

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