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    Square Enix Doesn't Plan to Release any Next-Gen Only Titles Until "Somewhat Farther Down The Road"

    Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has confirmed in a recent Q&A session, that all titles currently in development will be for both current and next-generation consoles, and that next-generation only titles will be available until "somewhat farther down the road."

    Q: "Could you share your thinking on the development of new titles for current- and next-generation game consoles going forward?"

    A: "The next-generation consoles will have backward compatibility, so we plan for the time being to make our new titles available for both current and next-generation consoles. It will, therefore, be somewhat farther down the road that we release titles exclusively for the next-generation consoles." Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda said.

    Additionally, Matsuda confirmed that the recent delay of Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t impact the development or launch timelines of the next installment.

    Last month, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed from its initial release date March 3 to April 10, 2020. According to Square Enix, the delay gives the company the chance to apply “final polish” and deliver the “best possible experience.”

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