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    Project Sakura Wars Demo Launches in Japan on November 21

    During the PlayStation Festival Sapporo 2019 event in Japan, Sega announced that Project Sakura Wars will have a playable demo on the Japanese PlayStation Store on November 21. The demo will feature both the adventure and battle sections so that players can try out both. (Thanks, Game's Talk)

    Additionally, the PS4 pre-order bonus theme has also been unveiled during the event.

    Project Sakura Wars will launch in Japan exclusively for PS4 on December 12,  and in spring 2020 in North America and Europe.

    Project Sakura Wars was first revealed at SEGA Fes 2018 with a short teaser trailer. Shun Nakamura of SEGA CS2 revealed that the team behind Valkyria Chronicles would be working on the project. At SEGA Fes 2019 the title was officially unveiled with a reveal trailer. Shortly after, SEGA also announced Project Sakura Wars would be seeing a release in the West as well as Japan and Asia.

    Long-time composer Kohei Tanaka will be returning to compose the score while the story structure will be handled by Jiro Ishii, the writer of 428: Shibuya Scramble. Project Sakura Wars will be the first title whose character designs are not done by Kosuke Fujishima, but Tite Kubo, best known for his long-running manga Bleach.

    Watch the opening movie for Project Sakura Wars below:

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