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    Samurai Shodown Next DLC Character Basara Releases October 15

    Today, SNK has announced that Basara Kubikiri also known as "Basara the Executioner" is the next DLC character arriving in Samurai Shodown on October 15.

    First introduced in Samurai Shodown III, Basara lived in peace with his lover, Kagaribi, until the monstrous demonic swordsman Zankuro came through and slaughtered everyone. He blames "the demon" for Kagaribi's demise but, in Samurai Shodown V, it is revealed that Basara himself killed her.

    Some of his powers are based on the use of his shuriken, as well as demonic powers like moving and disappearing into the shadows or release balls of energy. His normal attacks are adaptable to execute, easily ranging from close to mid-screen and often hitting for several hits upon impact. His distinguishing features are his shrill laugh and claiming life to be "a beautiful nightmare".

    Character Basara can be purchased individually for $5.99, or as part of the Season Pass with additional characters for $19.99. 

    Samurai Shodown is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. The game will come to the Switch on December 12 in Japan. A PC and Stadia version are also slated for release.

    Check out a trailer for character Basara below:

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