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    Shironeko New Project New Details Revealed

    During Colopl Fes 2018 event developer Colopl has revealed some new concept art and details for the upcoming action RPG titled Shironeko New Project. The game is set to release on 2020 for Nintendo Switch. Be sureto Check out the details and concept art below:

    A Bird’s-Eye View of the Flying Island

    For the second update on the game, here is a look at the whale-type flying island that appeared in the announcement trailer. This is a bird’s-eye view of the island. In addition to the park-like man-made part of the island’s surface, there are also ponds and other features.

    The Inside of the Flying Island

    The inside of the whale’s abdomen is a vast living space. As you progress through the game, various facilities will appear along the stone-paved road in its center, and the island will bustle with people.

    Facility #1: The Guild

    The Guild is where players will manage quests. Players will come here to accept quests, then head off to adventure.

    Facility #2. Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith is where players can purchase and strengthen weapons and armor.

    Additionally, Colopl also revealed a Shironeko television anime project, which is set to debut in 2020.

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