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    Brave Dungeon: Seigi no Imi Coming To Nintendo Switch And PC

    Inside System has revealed today that the dungeon role-playing game Brave Dungeon: Seigi no Imi (‘The Meaning of Justice‘) is in development for Nintendo Switch and PC. It’ll be released in 2019 in Japan.


    The Old Islands, where countless wars between human and demon clans have occurred. While many human clans continue to build and develop cities, in the eastern side there remains a deep-seeded demon village.

    The “Hampden Tower,” a symbol of the demon clan, once stood in the eastern part of the Old Islands. However, Hampden Tower has since collapsed and its entrance was sealed by ancient magic. Due to the excessive passage of time, many mysteries such as the cause of its collapse and how to release the seal remain a mystery.

    Scenario Selection System

    In this game, you can choose from three scenarios (Al, Klinsy, and Papelne) at the start of the game. Each scenario not only has a different story, they have diferent exploration and battle systems. By clearing all three scenarios, a new scenario will appear.

    Be sure to check out some gameplay below:

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